World's simplest DTH, not working, what am I missing?

So I’ve done a few DTH, including multi-channel parent-child, but I’m just trying to set up this simple DTH, which will ultimately be a parent-child and I can’t seem to get the simple stuff to work.

For now, I just want 2 switches that can be turned on and off from a parent Smart App. The smart app calls childDevice.on1() for example.

I don’t want it to do anything yet, there’s no Zwave/Zigbee device, it’s just a virtual device to reflect the status of the alarm, so that I can fire Routines off it in ST. Maybe I need something other than a switch device?

Ultimately you’ll be able to use the switch to turn the alarm on (this will just call a URL), but for now, it’s more like a read-only switch.