World Password Day (first Thursday of May)

Weak passwords lead to compromised accounts. Celebrate this World Password Day with good password practices.

Protect your accounts by following few simple steps:

Unique Password for Each Account
Single hacked account doesn’t endanger other accounts.

Don’t share it!
Not with friends, family, or anyone.

Use a Password Manager
Securely store and manage your passwords.

Two-Factor Authentication
Provides an extra layer of security.

World Password Day: The perfect opportunity to tighten online security.


I have been using 1Password as a manager for a few years now. It’s cross platform and allows my wife (apple) and I (Android) to share.

please forget passwords, i don’t want to keep in my head random characters and put them in on every screen/keyboard around the world.
just because another company can’t implement OAuth

I do not care about my profiles/accounts on 98% sites . please hack them and use if you want