Working with devices that do not show current state

Aeotec makes a nice glass capacitive Switch plate that works with their own zwave inwall micros, and their nano model micro does not require a neutral.


You need both of these products for each switch: the glass panel is just the top plate, no smarts.

(I originally also mentioned the Neo Coolcam, but I just realized they require a neutral, so not a candidate.)

Logic Options

As far as logic, see the FAQ: there are better choices than IFTTT for what you’ve described, particularly WebCore, although nothing can solve the problem of someone manually changing state at the switch as that information is not sent to the hub.

In the “sledgehammer for a walnut” category, I suppose you could put a light sensor in a box with a peephole and position it so it only triggered when an individual Light was on and capture state that way, but it would be a lot of work to get it set up reliably in a room with multiple lights. :sunglasses: