Working MIMOlite Device Type with Sensor

It was submitted to become a Labs embedded device. ST has to review, test and approve still.


@cesaldar I adapted your code a bit to use it to monitor and activate wired smoke detectors. I just need to figure out how to classify it as a smoke detector device.

What is your definition of Soon. Been over a month now and I have not seen it.

To whom are you speaking to?

He was referencing your comment from here:

wackware16 May
I finished creating a fully operational Mimolite garage door opener/sensor using @jitjack’s code to start with. It’s cool!

I got the power loss alarm working and it has a state tile for that.

The main tile works as a open/closed/opening/closing actuator button.

It’s submitted to ST for final distribution process. We should see it released soon.

This thing works awesome and I just want to again say cudos to JitJack for building the initial code.


Ah, OK.
Hey ST, how soon is soon?

Seems not soon enough.

Ask next Wednesday @cesaldar


Has your new MIMOlite device type with Sensor been uploaded yet? My garage door opener has not been working since May 21 and I was hoping your update would fix it.

Did anyone ask you on Wednesday?

Any more news on the release of this device type?

Nothing official, but the code examples here do work if you want to use the device with ST.

I have never got the code here to work, and one of the tech support people even tried it for me and could not get it to work. So what is the trick to make it work then?

Give us the full scope of what you are using it for and maybe there is a tweak or two to the code.
Do you already have it paired with the hub successfully and added to ST?

Garage door open with contact sensor.
Yes it is paired with the hub and added to ST
It will open and close the door, but not tell me the door status.
the only device I can make it work with is the ZWAVE Momentary Contact Switch on the type device list.
Then it will only open and close the door.

You have a magnetic door close sensor or something similar to give the door status?

you will need to create a new device type based on the code from above, you then publish the device type and change your mimo to that type.

I have tried that, the tech support person helping me tried that, we cannot get the code to work.

@wackware ST is not responding to your How soon Question. Any chance you could privaite message me you code. and let me try it. The code posted here does not work for me.


I’d also be interested in your code. I miss being able to remotely open my garage door.

Anyone out there willing to help with this since ST does not seem to care about. One message said the code formatting my be off with this forum. Is that the problem I cannot get it to work? If so, can someone send me a text file with the correct format so I can try it or tell me what is wrong with the format on the posted code.