Working Lutron Caseta Basic On/Off Functionality in SmartThings

Hello everyone!

Recently I got my hands on a Wink Hub for use with some Lutron Caseta Dimmers that we have installed throughout the house.

I was able to achieve basic on and off functionality as well as status updates of the switch’s state if it is turned off at the switch or with the Wink app. This method uses no custom code or smart apps, and could likely be improved with a custom device type or the like. If you would like basic on and off functionality of your Caseta Dimmers through SmartThings, you will need the following:

  • A Wink Hub
  • An IFTTT account
  • A Spare Gmail Account (must be Gmail)
    Here’s how you can integrate them into SmartThings. First, download the Wink app, sign up for an account using the spare Gmail address (you’ll see why later) and setup your Hub to control the dimmers using the built in setup process.

Then, using the Wink app, create a shortcut that will turn on the dimmer you would like to integrate, and a shortcut to turn off the dimmer you would like to integrate.

Next, create a Robot. Set the trigger as the light you would like to integrate turning on, and set it to send you an email. (this is used to provide status updates and part of why you are using a spare Gmail account.)

You will need to create the exact same robot as above except using the light turning off as a trigger.

Name the Robots something short and simple, as you will be using them later.

Head over to Fill in the name section with what ever you like, as well as the Device Network Id. Set the device type to On/Off Button tile. Set the location to the correct location, and create the device.
Head over to and sign in to your account.

Activate the Gmail channel, SmartThings channel, and the Wink Shortcuts channel.
If the SmartThings channel is already active, make sure IFTTT has access to the new switch you just created.

There are 2 different types of rules we need to create: a rule to turn on/off the Caseta Dimmer when it is turned on via SmartThings and a rule to update the status of the SmartThings On/Off tile when it is toggled manually via the Caseta Dimmer itself or the Wink app.

For the first rule, use the SmartThings channel trigger “Switched on” and set the device to the device we created earlier. Next, choose the Wink: Shortcuts channel and have it run the shortcut that turns your Caseta Dimmer on.

You can repeat this for the off function using the correct triggers and shortcuts.

You should now have basic on/off control over the switch via SmartThings, but your tile will not update if the Caseta Dimmer is controlled at the switch or using the Wink app.

The Wink app sends an email every time the switch is turned on and off, allowing us to use the Gmail channel to update the switch’s status.

To enable it to update, create a new rule. Select the Gmail channel’s “New email in inbox from search” trigger. Enter the text: subject: and then the subject of the email you recieve when your light is turned on exactly how it is shown. Then, set the trigger to turn on the device tile.

Here is an example of my off rule.
That should be about it! There is a delay of about 1-3 seconds to turn on the dimmer, and a delay of around 1-5 minutes when the email arrives to update the tile status depending on your internet speed and the current load on IFTTT’s server.

Hopefully this can help some who want to migrate from Wink to SmartThings and have Caseta devices, assuming that they can keep their Wink hub.

Known flaws:
No dimming support without creating 100 IFTTT rules, robots and shortcuts
Dependant on IFTTT, which adds a delay

If you have any questions or anything that totally blows this method out of the water, please post it below!
EDIT: Added more pictures.