Word issue outside of USA

Outside of USA the word ‘Mall’ has no meaning, a meaningful alternative should be ‘Shop’ or ‘where to buy’ or ‘purchase components’

I won’t ask why the page started as a list , went into a box layout and then back to list ??? But really !! And if list was maintained for all items, com-panion apps might not have needed to be hyphenated
Or the fact the bottom icons are not readable…
And settings cog does not need to be hidden top right, make it findable by adding to the page list

Cambridge dictionary lists “Mall“ as a shopping centre, and many shopping complexes in London list themselves as “malls.”

I know it’s not used as much in some regions of England, and I don’t think it’s used in Scotland, but it’s definitely used outside of the US.

The term is also used for shopping complexes in Japan and Korea, although I think most often for those that also have entertainment attractions like movie theatres as well as shopping.


So I think they get a pass on that one.

Also settings at the top right where the gear icon is part of the android UI standard, although it can also be placed in an overflow menu at the top right, So I think they’re OK on that as well, although it’s not iOS standard and may feel a bit odd to iPhone users.

The other issues should definitely be fixed, though. :sunglasses:

The word “mall” is not used in any regions anywhere in the UK, or predominantly in the English language in the rest of the world. It is specifically a North American term, and on its own has no meaning elsewhere. If you scour English websites you may find the word “mall” prefixed with the word “shopping” so we know what is being described, otherwise it has no significance.
And it should not be used in a world facing English language app as it is too region specific.

The word on its own has no meaning JD

It is part of your vocabulary but most definitely not ours, as a world wide product a less NA word would be preferred

The only thing I associate with Mall is something that happens when a lion gets you

Where do you find the energy to make this stuff up? You sound so convincing, like you think it’s a fact, I’m compelled to prove you wrong.
Westfield Shopping Centre do NOT describe themselves as a “mall”, there is no mention of the word “mall” on their website. They describe themselves as a shopping centre, which is what they are.

“Westfield is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its shopping centres and minimising their environmental impact.”

The website you referenced is not intended for UK citizens.

It’s is worth pointing out that Japan and Korea both follow American culture very closely including adopting some words, no doubt the word Mall is now part of there cultural language as well

The odd choice of word is a small point when the whole app requires attention but it is important, Samsung are World wide, so a more explanatory word is important

Where to buy or shop would be more explanatory and universally acceptable

Respectfully, it’s definitely a term used in the UK, just not in all regions.


The BBC uses the term Regularly, and includes it in its style guidelines.

And some shopping malls, such as Manchester’s Trafford Centre and others owned by Intu, have removed indoor seating areas to “support social distancing” and “to discourage people from gathering”.

multiple BBC shows have used just the term “Mall,” including in episode titles, such as LAGGING’s first episode, “Night at the Mall.”

So I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that the term is not used outside the USA, but again that’s much less significant than the other issues you raised.

I respectfully allow you to disagree, but you have no idea what you’re talking about, again, you don’t even know the nuance between “Tha Mall” and “a mall”. The word does exist in the UK, but it’s an Americanisation, it’s not used in our everyday language, you will never hear an English person of any age say “are we going to the mall?”. You’ve the same overblown confidence and lack of experience as Rand Paul when Dr Fauci destroyed him under oath, someone should really perform some kind of ceremony.
“You have no idea what you’re talking about!”

That would be “maul” not “mall” :grin:


Thank you jkp :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: I was waiting for that

Of course you are correct but in vocabulary sense the words arrive at the ears the same.

I have a couple of points to make later if the thread has not been closed and the input from everyone on such a small matter I believe shows … there’s not alot else going on in the ST world :sunglasses:

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It might be used mostly in North America ( it’s also used quite frequently in Europe) but it’s a word in all English dictionaries.

Please tell me why this discussion is important (looks childish to me) and how is it related to Smartthings.

Looks like you didn’t quite understand what that hearing was about. And Rand Paul is a medical doctor also, not only a senator.

I posted in the feedback suggestions section and included a screenshot of the use of the word ‘Mall’ in Smartthings as it has no meaning, there are alot of words in the dictionary that are not part of different country’s vocabulary, I put forward a suggestion that the word be replaced with something more acceptable world wide

Also the words bonnet and boot should be adopted outside of the UK in favour of trunk and hood :sunglasses::+1:

I did not think my original post was an issue, surely a world wide product deserves a universal word consideration :earth_africa:


After checking other Samsung apps the cog does appear to be acceptable but some of its contents could be removed and placed in a more easily found selection along with zwave repair and zigbee tools, they really are top secret hidden JD

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it would really help website readability, to be able to filter users by country. That way we could filter each other out. Like Brexit.

The website in question was VisitLondon, aimed at tourists, hence enticing them with their own vernacular.
What would be helpful is people not using the internet to find ways to prop up their worldview, because the internet is not real life, and you can prove anything with the internet.

As an example, until it was pointed out here, I had no idea the word “mall” was in the new app, my eyes must of seen the icon and the word, but my brain didn’t compute any significance to it, so I’ve never clicked on it. Less people outside North America will engage with it.
Samsung is unashamedly making SmartThings North American centric. Took away SMS utility from everyone accept America, support is million times better in America, the way they write their app is no longer globally neutral like it once was.