WOOX R7060 Irrigation Valve - anyone using?

Just picked up a WOOX R7060 irrigation valve

Claims to be a generic zigbee device and I think it’s ultimately based on the tuya platform. I tried picking it up in a scan hopeful that it would be identified as a thing and could be operated using the generic valve type but no joy … anyone had any luck with these?

You tried the scan nearby option after resetting the valve? It may require that you press the on button to join, or press and hold it until leds start blinking.

If it is, then look here as well. The Lidl Valve is a Tuya device as well. (And follow the pairing instructions as mentioned above.)

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Thanks to those that offered their input.

Actually it turns out that the issue is probably to do with the way scanning in the iphone app reports its results. Despite saying it couldn’t find any new devices to pair with it does indeed pair the device with the hub and add it as a ‘thing’. Once I changed the device type to be a zigbee valve in the dev console the device worked as advertised.


Very cool. I could use one of those here in the U.S. to replace a very old Iris timer water valve that’s seen better days. I wonder if they would ship to the states, or find a source that will?

EDIT, found a few. I may need a gift for myself this holiday season.

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Hi i’m trying to add this my self but when i search nothing shows up.
Did you do anything else then press the red button so it’s in search mode?

I did get one and it joined ST just fine, although I can’t remember the exact way it joined. I believe I had to scan for nearby devices and it may have joined as a Thing and then I went into the IDE and changed the Type to Zigbee Valve. It’s been too long for me to remember, sorry!

Check for a new Room in the mobile app called Unassigned Room, or something like that. If it joined your hub as a Thing, it could have ended up there.

Where could you find the id?

Oops, that should have said IDE to make changes, sorry @KerekesErvin . Its here:


Where did you find these? Did you happen to find a US seller?

Nothing in the US. I got mine from eBay from a German seller. I needed an adapter to connect it to the house, but not for the quick connect for the hose.