Wondering if this can be done. Smartthings things countdown to speakers and nonADT siren to mirror ADT panel siren

I have the Adt Smarthings panel. I also have Samsung R1 speakers. I have alerts about open or closed sensors going to the samsung speakers and that is working great. I would like to know if two things can be done. I do have webcore and tried this and that, but nothing working so far.

  1. If the alarm goes off the adt panel does sound a siren alarm, can i have my speakers echo this alarm siren, since they are placed near another entrance that is not neat the adt panel, can barely hear it?

  2. Is there a way to get the 30 second delay count down to also be sent to the samsung speakers from the adt panel, before the siren then gets played.

In webcore if i select the adt panel alarm, i have siren, strobe , or both. so i am not sure what options to select in webcore. Thank you for any help or recommendations.

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Unfortunately I am not familiar with that speaker. If the speaker Is enabled in Smartthings as a alarm device then you should be able to trigger a siren on it with ADT Tools 2. If it doesn’t have the alarm capability it gets much more complicated. At that point you would need to play a siren sound on it. And somehow rig it to start from the alarm being trigger. ADT Tools could help with that as well as it has the ability to trigger a switch on a alarm event. You could have the switch trigger the alarm sound on the speaker. One problem with this method though is ADT Tools wouldn’t turn it off you would have to do it manually.

As far as triggering a count down I don’t think that would be possible the alarm doesn’t notify Smartthings that is doing a count down. Some alarm devices can have a delay built into for this purpose though.

My suggestion would be if the speaker does not have the alarm capability to get something like a Dome siren. It has both the alarm capability and a way to setup a delay on triggering for a countdown time.

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Thank you for your response, I have your app adt tools, i will see if i can get the speaker to show up as alarm device.