Wondering about settings within the app - what they do and how can they help

There’s some settings within CoRE that I’ve never changed at all and wondering what they do and if they’re anything that might help. I’m including some screenshots.

First one is the disable command optimizations option - what does that even mean and when would you want to do that?

The other one says negate group and says apply “logical NOT to the whole group” - again what exactly does it mean, what would you use it and what will “logical NOT” do?


It is a little more complicated, but think if a switch is already on, CoRE won’t tell it to turn on again.

I’ve never used this myself, but think about it this way. If you have a group that is (Switch 1 is on and Switch 2 is on) turning this option on will give you the opposite result. Think if (Switch 1 is on and Switch 2 is on) evaluates to true, it will actually evaluate to false with this option turned on.