WLED with Smarthings

I’ve managed to sort the brightness bug, see this modified brightness section with an additional line before the return:

def setLevel(Integer value,rate=0) {
state.SavedLevel = value

sendEvent(name: "switch", value: "on", isStateChange: true)
sendEvent(name: "level", value: state.SavedLevel, isStateChange: true)

//log.debug("Turn ON, Color:${state.SavedColor}, Brightness: ${state.SavedLevel}, Color2: ${state.SavedColor2}")

value = Math.round(255 / 100 * value)

return sendGetRequest("/win&A=${value}/")



I was super excited to see that there was a way to connect WLED to ST! I got three of them hooked up here on my network, and after a bit of stumbling (deleting the port number and reentering 80), I got them working.

However, I am finding that the ST app often freezes after changing the color, and after about 15 seconds i get an error message popup saying that a network or server error has occurred. The color does actually change on that first attempt, followed by the delay and then the error message.

I really want to get this working, since my kids have been bugging me for a while about being able to ask Google to turn these desk light strips on and off without using the WLED app on their devices.

Also, I find that the google integration DOES work fine so far. I can change the colors by using the interface in the google home app, and pick predefined color names, and I can change them by voice command.

I can live with the fact that the device in the ST app has some minor issues, as I will likely never look at that part of the interface.

Now if we could just do the presets by voice it would be PERFECT! :wink: