WLED with Smarthings


Alright…first of all I cleaned up the code above. There was some formatting issues (> signs in front of each lines).
All you have to do is:

  • In the SmarThings IDE, go to “My device handlers”
  • Create new device handler
  • From Code
  • Paste the code
  • Click Create, then save and Publish for me

Then, click on “My devices”, and

  • New device
  • Give it a name (Desk lamp or whatever)
  • Copy name to Device Network ID
  • Type go all the way to the bottom to find WLED
  • Select your location
  • Select your hub

Now this device will be available in the SmartThings app, open it.
Go to the settings gear, enter the IP address of the ESP8266 and port (80 by default)

That’s it, Smartthings (and Google Home) should be able to turn on/off, change color and brightness.

Did you ever get it to work? I have a few deployed in my house and it is very very stable! Let me know if you still need help…

Thanks for your efforts on WLED. Works fine in SmartThings app with color wheel, brightness control and on/off switch.

Through no fault of yours, Alexa understands on/off and color commands, but brightness control Alexa is “ignorant”. Maybe she needs more time and training.

Have not tried webCORE yet, but don’t expect any problems.

Well done, thanks again.

How did u get past the error… I’m having the same issue


I copied the above device handler, exactly, and pasted into a new device handler.

All worked as indicated it would in SmartThings. Alexa does not handle brightness correctly.

Very pleased with result. Must also thank those who contributed to WLED, nice.

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