WL00Z-1 GoControl water flow sensor

Did a search on the model number and nothing came up. I have plastic pipe but have no problems throwing in a short section of copper if that is what it takes for this flow sensor to work (10,000 gal bill due to a recent high school graduate not being monitored during the summer with his shower time). Looks like it may have been discontinued as i do not see it on the companies web site. Found the installation manual and it is still for sale for less than 100 beans. http://www.gocontrol.com/manuals/WL00Z-1-Install.pdf. Thoughts?

Hi @JoelR. I saw that a while back, but opted for the FortrezZ meter instead. I have PEX pipe, and the installation was super eazy. Here’s a discussion I started on the device:

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Thanks John. I saw that as well and couldn’t help but think it’s a lot of money for a pulse counter.

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No worries @JoelR. FortrezZ’s is a complete inline solid brass flow meter instead of something strapped to the pipe, and it’s capabilities are more than just pulse counting. It certainly is more expensive ($229 isn’t too bad), but with Amazon points and Home Controls discounts, I got a really great deal. Considering the build quality, and that it has everything needed to get it installed and up and running with ST, I think it’s money well spent for what I wanted.

I’m curious on your thoughts on the flow valve after a year of use.
Are they holding up to your expectations?
Would the flow valve be precise enough to be used as a leak detector? (ex: if water flowing non-stop for 2h, shut down valve)

@johnconstantelo @JoelR

Hi @mjlewis, the FortrezZ meter has been great for me so far. Its been able to detect constant flow for durations like you’re asking, which has benefited me by catching a faulty toilet tank valve assembly.