WiThings Aura Integration

WiThings is coming out with a new sleep tracker called Aura. It basically combines light theapy, alarm clock, and sleep tracking all in one device. It would be very cool for ST to cloud integrate with Withings as being able to trigger ST actions based on alarm clock time, etc.

WiThings Aura

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I have been wanting a good sleep pattern recognizer forever. (so has @scottvlaminck) I have my doubts that the sensor that goes under the mattress would work well in many cases. My mattress, for example, is pretty thick. I would be willing to try it however as the ones that fit under the sheet annoy me.

I have a feeling they typoed by saying it goes under the mattress. I cant see it being able to pick up heart rate through that thickness. I think they meant it goes above the mattress under your sheet.
I always use a mattress pad to keep my mattress clean from coffee spills and its easy to throw in the washer. Underneath the mattress pad I think would be ideal for the Aura.

Is anyone working with withings getting them to jump in with ST? They seem pretty isolated, but have great product design.

Hi, I use the Aura for a while now with 2 sensors and very happy with them. Not so happy with the isolated ecosystem. Did anyone get this working with ST?