[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

Yeah, so the out of the box scheduler definitely crashes worse for me. I haven’t been able to figure out why. I’m wondering if maybe the Liftmaster API occasionally times out or just glitches. It’s possible something causes an unhandled error that would probably kill the scheduler altogether. I’m trying a different method now using chained RunIn() calls once a minute. In this case, the “next poll” is created new each time before it even attempts a refresh, so even if something goes wrong in that refresh, the schedule has already been set for it to try again in another minute.

Thanks. This has been the one device that just has not worked reliably since day 1. Hopefully your idea will work.

Alright - have been running my new polling version all day, and so far everything looks good. Polling has been 100% right on with no crashing even through several door cycles, both manual and through ST automatic actions. If you’d like to give it a test, you can find my forked copy of the code here: https://github.com/brbeaird/SmartThings_MyQ. Just copy the SmartApp over as that’s the only one that matters.

Don’t forget to publish it for yourself. After that, go into the MyQ smartapp on your phone and just click through the setup prompts to make sure it kills the old scheduler and starts the new one.

Will have to see if this remains stable for a few days to see if it’s more reliable than pollster. If it works, I’ll submit a pull request to get it into the original version. If not, I’ll continue pulling my hair out.

Ok, I loaded the code. One day is not enough to say it’s fixed, usually every few days there is a problem, but we’re off to a good start.

I was ready to try the new code for related issues for the past month or so. It was fine for several months and just died on keeping a good status, but did nothing and it just started working on it’s own about yesterday? Just like the issue with my ZWN-SC7… The ST mystery continues…

Bad news, it doesn’t appear to be working. I came home and my garage doors opened and I closed them manually and ST 10 minutes later still had them as open. I had to manually refresh to update the closed status.

Hmm. Mine is still going strong. I do have one other thing in the code I’m running (a try/catch in the refresh method). It’s possible that could make a difference. I’ll post it this evening if you want to try that.

I stand corrected. My polling stopped sometime today. Guess it’s back to the drawing board.

Guys, you can always reinitiate cron job in the app by going to the Smartapp settings(wheel on MyQ icon), tap “Next” then “Done”.

Right, but that’s pretty much the opposite of automation.

Plus, it’s impossible to know exactly when it stops working. At some point, you just notice that it’s no longer updating or else it fails to open automatically because it thinks the door is already open.

At this point, I really don’t think the core problem is with the app itself. There’s something with scheduling in general that is just squirrely. A schedule shouldn’t just die, and especially with no way to send a notification explaining what happened. I’ve added try/catch statements all over, and nothing seems to make a difference.

You’re right about ST not being consistent with most of their scheduling. Again, my advice is if you need real time and reliable reporting of door opening and closing, stick a MultiSensor on the garage door, and use that as the sensor in the “Doors and Locks” section.

It is sad there is still no official support for myq, as boasted as CES. @copyninja setup worked perfect till ST started updating backend, phone apps, and preping for V2. I have the same poor operation with the unsupported ZWN-SC7 scene controller, works for a few days great, then blows up for longer. I’m really losing hope in ST in general, half the year almost gone and I’m worse off than I was at the beginning of the year. Wish we never boasted about a V2 sys, cause before all the talk, I was 100% stable and functioned perfectly. Almost seems like we are injecting issues to make us want a system that is either undeliverable or not necessary. ST ran perfect till Feb, now nearly worthless, ready to start seriously looking at other systems.

I agree, it may come to that. Just seems really wasteful seeing as how there’s already a perfectly good sensor on that door that came with the rather expensive MyQ package, heh. I guess long-term we can just hope that all of this gets resolved either with V2 or with the mythical native MyQ integration.

Not sure if this changes anything, but I modified the try/catch in the HTTP GET section to catch ALL instead of just Error. Since I did that, I started periodically seeing this error (uses sendSMS to text me whenever it’s hit):


Because it’s being caught, so far the scheduler has not crashed. I’m using pollster again for now. Doubtful this will make it last longer than a day or two, but we’ll see.

To be fair, whatever that is officially supported by ST is still working well. These issue are plaguing mostly on unsupported 3rd party apps. I still believe ST is still the best option out there, it’s just that we’re disappointed that v2 was originally promised end of Q1 got pushed to Q3 and the promised official MyQ integration is nowhere to be found.

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Unfortunately, the supported items list seems a little limited for what should be a very mature product. Bulbs, Switches and basic sensors, that is very limited when a lot of systems have graphical controllers, remotes, and integrated interfaces for products like garage door openers and even live video and cameras. I can get a free hub system that has had full integration for MyQ for well over 6 months, what gives???

@kris, @jim - Would either of you have any ideas on why scheduling a refresh/poll for this app randomly dies without warning (either via cron or using pollster)?

It’s gotten worse too. Pollster is dying hourly. In addition, my garage doors mysteriously opened twice today. @April is this being worked on???

The current version of the Chamberlain integration has not been approved by Chamberlain, and we’ll be working with them on the integration using their supported APIs. Unfortunately, the timeline isn’t dependent on the ability to write the integration, but creating the integration that will be mutually satisfactory (e.g. we need to make sure that we meet their appropriate, and strong, guidelines).

At this point I can’t provide a date or range on when this will be available, but know that we’re actively working on this on multiple fronts.

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Thanks @thegibertchan, but what about Pollster/Scheduling crashing? That seems to be a platform issue with ST?