[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

How do I set it up to open upon arrival??? I swear I saw that people had it setup like this but I have having a hard time figuring out any of the abilities… I just got my mini mote to operate things 2days after I included it! lol


+, Actions Tab, Locks, Unlock Door when someone arrives (1st one on the list).

Just added your code Jason but I was wondering if you could add whatever needs to be added to make the hub see the device as a garage door controller on your next update? I’d like to add your garage door controller device to my garage door Multi Sensor module so I can see the status and open the door from the first page of the Doors & Locks shortcut screen instead of having to go into the things section to find and operate it.

The MyQ code I was using before did identify itself as a garage door controller to the hub so this wasn’t an issue but I would like to give your code a shot since it seems a bit less complicated behind the scenes and updated a little more frequently.

How do you navigate to this screen?

tap “Doors & Locks” from main screen
tap the gear icon on the upper right hand side of the screen
choose "Add a door"
Give it a name and then tap “What type of door is it?” and choose "Garage Door"
and finally tap “Edit door name and devices”

Interesting. Anyway, if you can set up “Open and close it remotely”, it’ll allow you to control it from the dashboard. the trick is go through first time to add sensor and second time to add the controller. This is probably a new bug introduced in iphone app 1.7.1.

I did get it to show up on the first screen of the “Doors & Locks” tab by choosing “Open and close it remotely” using the method you just explained but I still can’t trick it into letting me add it as a garage door controller on the “Edit door name and devices” tab. I think this is key to getting the status to show up right because when I just tried to open the door, it just sits there for about a minute saying “opening” before it finally returns back to “closed”, even know the door actually opened and is still open.

A minor update for Jason or anyone else that wants a different (not so large) icon for this app:


So I figured out how to make the door open upon arrival I am just having issues with the app keeping up with presences assuming because I updated to Android 5 Lollipop…

I don’t know enough about the programming to actually make the changes myself… ie the dependencies would be my down fall… But during the setup I had to find it under the turning on or off appliances. I noticed when I setup a light and I would assume if the app recognized this as an actual garage door or even a light that the option would be available to not re-trigger the “on/open” unless the presence device is away for “x” amount of time.

I am using my phone gps as a presence device for now but would like to keep using it in the future vs using an actual presence device. Simply because my garage is kinda slow and would rather it trigger further away than when I get in range with a sensor. The problem being no matter how accurate my GPS is at some point they glitch and place u near ur location for 2-3 min then re-acquire the correct pinpoint location. Or even when I was working on my phone turning it on and off would trigger me coming and going…

Also @jimmay3 I updated ur code just a touch to make it more descriptive as I played around. copy-ninja dosen’t do much for me since all three codes have it lol.

I haven’t done any ST code yet?

Can this door be triggered via IFTTT? I’ve got it added, but it seems like IFTTT only gives the ability to “switch” it on or off. Does that actually do the trick?

Answered my own question today with some testing - YES, it works, and it’s awesome! Garage opened automatically when I turned onto my street. It’s the simple things in life, really.

Here’s the recipe in case anyone else wants IFTTT to trigger a MyQ garage door to open: https://ifttt.com/recipes/282644-when-i-get-close-to-home-open-my-myq-garage-via-smartthings

Anyone else still having weird issues with status not reporting accurately? I’ve even tried using pollster, and it’s definitely polling it. However, it’s consistently showing “open” long after I close it. The weird thing is if I manually go to the door in the ST app and refresh it, it correctly updates. But a few minutes later, it goes back to reporting the wrong status.

Yes, status wrong and events triggered by door open/closed also failing until a refresh is performed.

Several people have been reporting weird delays in mode changes over the last week or two involving different setups. I would urge you to report any mode change issues to support@smartthings.com , since the more reports they get, the more resources they can justify assigning to look into it.

Everything is reporting correctly at the moment. I spent a little time this morning digging through the code, and I think I follow it well enough so that the next time it gets off, I can run some debugging and see exactly what’s causing the bad values to get set.

brbeaird’s post matches what I am seeing right nowl. I have two garage doors registered to the app, and it is consistently showing one of them as open, even when it is actually closed. If I hit the refresh button, it corrects itself after a few moments; but then after another few moments, the status reverts to the incorrect state again.
This is causing much downstream havoc with events & alarms.
I just emailed support@ with this info.

Mine is doing similar, refresh seems to fix it until the next door cycle…

I am seeing the same issue and a manual refresh makes it detect the correct status. I went as far as putting a multi-sensor on the door to detect open/close and now I use it with my SmartApps/SmartRules to determine when to perform an action.