[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

yeah, i tried the free version of the app, it didn’t work :frowning:

This is what connects to the Internet:

I have 2 of these. One for each door:


Not sure if this will help anyone else, but for the life of me, I could NOT get the MyQ hub to interface with SmartThings. Out of frustration, I bought the Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door opener and connected it to my SmartThings hub, which was easy enough. The issue with MyQ is that the head-unit on these openers doesn’t use an analog ‘close’ signal between pins to trigger the opening and closing of the garage door (which is what the Linear Device needs). So the simple solution is to take apart the wall switch and just wire the Linear Device across the connection points of the button on the wall switch (you don’t even need to solder since the clearance on the pins for the board are a perfect friction fit for the wires from Linear). This worked for me without issue, plus I like that Linear includes the tilt sensor to make certain the garage door state (open/close) is based on the physical door alignment rather than MyQ’s interpretation of door open/close state.

How does your little hub on the ceiling trigger the door to open and close if it’s not connected to your garage door opener? Is your opener already myQ ready? If so, you might be able to use the little box I have that connects to the internet over wired Ethernet.

my garage door openers are like 10 years old … the myQ universal garage door opener is pretty smart… during the setup process you just learn it to your garage door openers (gotta press the learn button the actual opener) so it basically just functions as if you were pressing one of those old school garage door remote control openers that you would keep in your car. so you just learn each garage door during the app setup, then the app signals over the cloud to your home via wifi then to the myQ opener which then sends out the RF signal to open the correct door. and you put a sensor on each door to see if it is open or closed.

probably the easiest integration there is. don’t have to change wall buttons or connect any wires at all. took 5 minutes to set up.

then i just used copyninja’s myQ integration device type code.

It’s probably interference causing issues with closing both at the same time. When the opener triggers one of the doors it might be causing interference which prevents the hub from receiving the 2nd command or the interference prevents the hub from reaching the opener with its trigger. A lot of RF signaling happening plus the motor possibly creating some EM.

Where’s your MyQ hub mounted in your garage? If it’s close to your openers, you might try moving it farther away from them.

It doesn’t “connect” to the doors, it opens and closes the doors via remote like a hand held garage door opener.

I just followed the instructions from copyninja and I can successfully see and control the garage door through the ST app. For some reason I don’t see any way to control the light even though I installed the light control code. I’m wondering if I missed a step when ST was finding devices or if the light control has issues that I’m not aware of (quite a few posts to sift through at this point).

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

I believe light control is only for the special separate myq lights. Not the light on the opener.

I was disappointed too.

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MyQ light control is for Chamberlain PILCEV, Chamberlain WSLCEV, Liftmaster 825LM, Liftmaster 823LM. It is not for light unit on your garage door opener.

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i have copyninja’s myq smartapp installed and for the most part, it works. however, when closing the garage door through smartthings, there have been multiple instances where it does not close. if i then try to close it through the chamberlain myq android app, the door will close. any thoughts/suggestions on troubleshooting the issue? i’m fairly new at most of this.

Is the shortest polling time 1 minute? It seems like it is not a long time to wait but seemingly I am taking less than 30 seconds from when I open the door to when I want to close it and if I want to close the door sooner than a minute I have to use the MyQ app. :frowning: Didn’t know if the app would barf if I used .5 in the polling interval? Let me know if any of you have tried it.

Its not possible to poll at less than 1 minute. What I did was attach an additional z-wave open/close sensor to the garage door and use that as “Contact Sensor to trigger refresh”. So as soon as that sensor opens or closes, it refreshes. This has worked really well for me and it’s always up to date. I just picked up a cheap sensor from monoprice.


So instead of using the door you use the sensor or do you leave both there?

I use both. It’s actually a good idea regardless of need or not, gives you confidence in operation, doublecheck.

Thanks for the help and suggestions!

it’s not interference. i talked to myQ tech support – they said only 1 door is able to close at a time. you have to wait for one to close before it will allow you to close another.

Is anyone else getting this error? java.net.SocketException: Connection reset @ line 26

Not sure if i should be concerned!!

Could be due to the platform issues that ST is having right now. May be you should check back after its resolved.

There is some discussion in the community about MyQ rate limiting recently with this same error 261. I get this error just as frequently but my door seems to work and report fine.