[WITHDRAWN] MyQ LiftMaster/Chamberlain

As I suspected, debugging between child and parent does not work well. childDevices: parent.someMethod(this)

I just confirmed that I can debug using sendPush() which will basically turn my phone into a debugger for the parent thread. Will see what I find with that.

**Update - The refresh method is definitely working and always pulls back the values from API calls. I think the bug may be happening due to conflicts between polling and refreshing at the same time. Seems like the polling is grabbing the old value, which is overriding whatever new value comes around from the refresh.

On a related note, the MyQ internal poll is definitely not working for me at all. So I’m thinking maybe it’s enough if I ONLY set up pollster to refresh ever minute and not do polling at all because the refresh() method basically takes care of that aspect anyway. I believe when I killed the polling in pollster and left refresh, my status was suddenly corrected. I’ll do some testing tomorrow and see if that handles it.

It may even work to have pollster poll instead of refresh but to just not select both. An investigation for another day…

TL;DR; Turn off polling in pollster and only have it refresh. See if that does it for you.