[WITHDRAWN] Foobot Integration

Ok so I did a bit of debugging and fixed it.

Basically I commented out:

tmp = Integer.tmp

and then also changed the order of the method so that the tmp stuff is done last (this way if there is a problem again then all the other values will still come through)

that’s it!

Thank you for the device type - very glad to have this data in ST!

Ah interesting. Thank you - I committed a patch on this. I’ll push it to GitHub later today

@Kristopher - 2 things that I’d like your help on if you have some time!

  • I received an email from Foobot saying that from March 14th this method (without an API key) will be depreciated… I was wondering if you could update this device handler to accept an API key?

  • Smartthings Capabilities have been updated to officially support Carbon Dioxide, so it would be great to use that official capability to report the level.

Hey @AdamV - Yeah good call. I will get both updated in the next week or so!


fantastic …20characters

Hi All,

Thank you very much for all of you who contributed and forked the project. You will ultimately be the ones to carry it forward on ST. Unfortunately, after much deliberation I have decided to pull the project from ST, and will not be supporting it going forward.


Appears that API keys are now required. Kristopher’s device type seems to have stopped working. Anyone figured out how to modify his code to make it work with this?

I’ve made a new device for the new API. It’s a little tricky to setup but worth it I hope!

Nice work Adam. Glad to be having access to my Foobot data again!