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Withdraw a "like"?


We used to be able to withdraw a “like” by tapping on it again. That no longer seems to work. Is there another way to do it? I do have a problem that sometimes when I’m trying to see who liked the topic I will end up selecting it instead.

(Greg) #2

I’m able to like and unlike this post

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #3

It’s just you…:wink: I clicked on and off on the Like Heart a whole bunch of times, and I got a pop up about a 32 second delay. I clicked 25 on and 25 off more times and my delay was increased!

“We have a daily limit on how many times that action can be taken. Please wait 49 seconds before trying again.”


Try liking it and then coming back five minutes later and Unliking it.

I can do it during the first edit window, but not after that.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #5

@JDRoberts has been going back through each of my posts diligently and trying to Unlike each one.

Give it up JD… let’s bury the axe and hug.

(Greg) #6

Ok - JD is right - I can’t unlike after 5 min

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #7

Likes are free!!!

(Stephen Hill) #8

(Tim Slagle) #9

Some new feature discourse added. I upped it to 10 trillion minutes… 19.025 million years from now.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #10

Well there you go @JDRoberts G’head… dislike all my posts…

Hope you feel content when you’re done!


It’s not a “dislike” it’s just removing a like.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of engineering cred. I might accidentally like a post that has a technical inaccuracy in it and I tend to not want to leave my name on those. :wink:

@geko will understand.

(Geko) #12

Dunno, what you’re talking about, man. I like all your posts. :wink:

(Bobby) #13

I like all blatant posts even if technically inaccurate…but sometimes I take the like back because I realize that the post wasn’t as blatant as initially seemed.

(Martin) #14

Can’t commend too much other than say I’ll definitely “add a like” when ST provides local processing and Lutron hub support.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #15

I just like the color red on my screen… so I like everything that turns red.

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #16

(Someday my dog will be automated) #17

What am I supposed to do in 20 million years when trying to sort through my likes in my real life 4D computer world in a galaxy far, far away? :wink:


Use your time travel scooter and slip back a year to undo the like. :wink: