Wiring three and four way switches - any diagrams out there?

Ok, I got this working. As a lesson to anyone else, here is how since the Linear site did not have any suggestions and the evolve site had some, but they were not clear,

Note - I’m not an electrician, I do not have a license for it, nor do I play one on TV. Check your local codes and/or consult an electrician as necessary.

  • first, I flipped the breaker and unwired all the switches in the three or four way, leaving the wires exposed but well apart from one another.
  • I flipped the breaker back on and determined which line was hot with a non-contact meter. (Love these things)
  • flipped the breaker back off. I then placed the load bearing switch in the outlet controlling the light.
  • from the “hot” switch, I connected the black “line” wire to the virtual three way switch and the black line of the traveler wire set heading to the other box. That way, both outlets had a “line” wire. Need to check code to verify. The evolve website (since Linear’s are rebranded) had some hints on this, but they said to connect to the neutral, which did not make sense node did it work (I tested it)

That’s it. You are “passing line” through from the box with the virtual switch to the load box. I also capped the red traveler line for good measure so there spews no exposed copper in the boxes p, other than ground of course.