Wiring Suggestions 6 HH

I am converting from HAI OmniPro w/UPB to a Smartthings Hub, 2 UPB devices failed this week and I would like to get ahead of any potential issues. I have 6 HH in the LR. When I installed them, I ran the wiring for each HH to the basement individually. At the time I installed them I was afraid to rely on a smart switch and wire them in a star pattern and wanted to keep my options open. Currently they are controlled by three 2 channel UPB dimmers. Best case would be if I could find something similar, no luck so far. Worst case would be 6 regular GE dimmer switches mounted in a 6 gang box. Not horrible but far from an elegant installation. I’m looking for suggestions on possible dimmer devices I missed or anything else as to best wire them up. Thank you.

Sorry. Define HH?

I think I’ve figured everything else.

FYI, when asking try to avoid abbreviations (we don’t all use them the same) include your country (matters because not all devices or features are available in all countries.) and if you’re talking about a specific device, include the model number. It matters in HA.

That said. I think I get what you’re going for. If I read this right you basically have 6 different lighting cans on 6 separate circuits and you are looking for the best control for them because you’re moving away from powerline to some other protocol like ZWave or Zigbee?

Some ofher questions.

Do you know the electrical load on each individual leg of your 6 devices and also do you need individual control of each fixture? I mean If you don’t mind a 6gang box there’s nothing wrong with 6 smart dimmers?

Thank you. Yes HH = High Hats. Running LED’s so 20 watts max per fixture. Based in US. You are spot on with your interpretation. I do prefer indiv. control so I can set scenes for various activities.
You are correct. 6 smart dimmers is definitely one workable solution and one that I might end up with.
I am envision in the future someone standing in my basement looking up at 6 switches mounted on the rafter that control the lights in the room above scratching their head.
But realistically, It really comes down to cost. 6 GE Dimmers = $300usd. Would a multi-channel device be cheaper than that. Assuming one exists.

Gotcha. Well I’m a big fan of switches and self explanatory UI so I would do 6 switches, but I do understand the concern.

That said, you could:

  1. Wire them to one load - seems you’re probably way under 20A on that circuit. If not 2 circuits?
  2. Put in 6 distinct smart switches (would be my personal solution)
    Variation: use the mirror function of Smartlighting to make them all follow the switch your users will LIKELY turn on / off
  3. Some kind of smart relay in the cans - someone on the site can recommend some good ones.
  4. something like the upcoming Zooz device here: Zooz double Z-Wave, single gang switch! but that one looks like one side is a dimmer and the other is a switch.
  5. Smart Bulbs plus some kind of wall controller mounted conspicuously to be the ‘light switch’