Wiring pigtail for switchbox

Hi just signed up, I have a basic wiring question, not sure if this is the place, anyway, I am wiring an addition, I have a switchbox with 3 switches, one single pole, 2 three way, with power in and then power continuing, just want to be sure about it, I assume all whites wires get tied together, my concern is about the travelers, I assume I just pigtail the black wires with short ones to the switches but do not pigtail the traveler wires, they just attach directly to the switches?

In America, white typically indicates the neutral but sometimes it’s used as a hot (usually taped in black) from/to a switch. If the whites are bundled then it’s typically safe to assume they are neutrals. However, a multimeter is your friend as it’s always best to check the voltages.

You can pigtail the whites and blacks and yes the traveler gets connected directly. Typically there are two travelers on a Dumb 3-Way Switch but many Smart Switches only need one.

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