Wiring Monoprice Relay without switch?

Is it possible (read: safe) to wire a monoprice relay without a switch? I’m contemplating wiring one into the junction box for a ceiling fan that won’t have a wall switch. Seems like it should work - in theory - but I’m not positive.

(Or, I could put a ‘control’ switch in the attic where I’m running the wiring so there’s a ‘master control’ if absolutely needed.)

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Yes. As long as you have a Neutral (and Hot, obviously) and can complete the circuit (ie, hard-short the switch loop if it existed), there shouldn’t be a problem.

The Monoprice has a separate button for add/exclude (so you usually don’t need any sort of physical toggling switch on and off to setup), but that’s where you encounter a slight risk of complications. And no local control.