Wiring - amps rating?

This might be a silly question, but just wanted to confirm as i’m a little confused. I’m not a electrician but i have a general understanding.

All of the devices i’ve looked at are 10 or 2.5 amps. Is that the output of the device? Is it safe to install those on a 15 amp circuit? I would think so but wanted to confirm. Here is an example

It says “INPUT: AC 120V 60Hz, Max: 2.5A”. It’s on the “INPUT” line which i guess is causing some confusion.

You are not going to have a 2.5 amp circuit in your house. The reason that it’s on the input side is that the max that it is supposed to draw. But that’s the rating for the device which means you shouldn’t have more than that wired to the device. Which shouldn’t be a problem when you do the math.

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You can install this on a 15 or 20 amp circuit. I can’t find any info on that specifically, sometimes the manufacturer will say that.

This device is capable of running a max of 2.5A @ 120V which is 300 Watts. This means that you should not install more than 300 Watts of lights on it.

If you bulbs are 20 watts, that is 15 bulbs. Now when it comes to electricity there is an 80% rule that most people follow. So… 300w * 80% is 240w… so only 12 20 watt bulbs. If you try to pull more than 300 watts through this thing on a 120v circuit it will likely fry, and when it dies it will be well before your 15 or 20 amp circuits trip.

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Awesome, thank you!

Oh, and as a shout out to @JDRoberts… Be careful and don’t kill yourself with electricity. I’m not an electrician so you shouldn’t really trust what I said.

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