Wiring a switch to an outlet? (GE 12727)

GE 12727 switch
But…coming off the outlet is a red wire…I assume to be hot? And a white wire I assume is just untagged as a load?
I’m not touching this until I’ve talked to an electrician…but has anyone successfully wired one of these switches to an outlet? Is it even possible?

In the US, code does not mandate wire colors. People can and do use any color, sometimes just because it’s the end of the day and they grab whatever’s left in the toolbox. So you can’t make any assumptions about what you’re seeing. You have to test every segment on every circuit to be sure. So definitely calling an electrician is a good idea. :sunglasses:

The old outlet should have the terminals marked. Usually formed into the plastic itself. Might need a flashlight to see them. There will be no load wire on the outlet as it is the load.

It depends Red is typically a second hot, like to have separate switches on the wall for a ceiling fan and light. And your white would be neutral. But without knowing how your home is wired you are correct in waiting to speak with a local electrical that knows your areas codes.

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