Wiring a manual speed switch for 3 speed ceiling fan

My wife asked me to replace a ceiling fan in our basement. The original fan was controlled by a ZOOZ smart switch with a dimmer for the light and an on/off relay for the fan. I used the manual speed select on the fan itself to set the speed I wanted the fan to run at when I turn the fan on.

I the process of installing the new fan, I realized that the new fan did not have a speed select switch. The only way to control the fan speed was with the wireless remote the controls a wireless reciever box installed in the box above the fan. I really don’t want to use the fan remote to adjust the fan speed as I want to use the z-wave based smart relay to control it. I was thinking of not using the receiver box as well.

I only need one speed, just not max speed which is what I have right now. Is there an easy and safe way to set a fan speed to a lower speed? The wiring is pretty straight forward (HarborBreeze). Coming to the fan wireless receiver is hot and neutral. Leaving the wireless receiver are 2 wires connected up to the fan. The receiver reacts to to 4 button on the remote; off, low, medium and High. What would I need to do to remove the receiver and only have the fan run at, lets say medium speed? Could I wire in a manual 3 speed fan controller and just set the speed once and forget it.

Appreciate any comments.

Just a guess, but if you only have two wires connected the fan controller and the fan motor, that’s probably a DC motor. If that’s the case, I don’t think there are any options for doing away with the controller. If you can post the fan model or even better, the manual, that would help.

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Yeah, I agree. I would say your best solution would be to just exchange the fan for a model that has manual speed control.

Fans that come with an integrated remote control often have no way of controlling the motor or light from the wall switch. If it comes with a remote module that you wire in and hide in the ceiling canopy, then you can usually use wall switches, or something like the Inovelli Fan & Light switch.

This is the situation. Remote module in the canopy. I was able to hook it up with out the remote module and the light and fan work. Unfortunately the fan spins at the highest setting. I agree that the inovelli controller should work and that could be what I end up doing. I was just looking for a way to use the Zooz relay but at a slower speed. The remote control module has 5 wires; Motor L and Motor N, Fan and incoming hot and neutral. I assumed motor L was (load) and Motor N was (neutral). Hooked up that way, light worked as expected (Fan and neutral) and Motor L: and Motor N had the fan spinning at max speed. I did’t leave the fan connected as I wasn’t confident of my interpretation.

This is a Harbor Breeze Ceiling fan model Saratoga II. Here is the link to the manual. Saratoga II Fan Manual.