Wireless Z-wave button?


i am looking for a small and fairly cheap wireless button to connect directly to smart things.

I have found the Flic but it requires a smartphone which i don’t like.

I am looking to put a wireless button next to my door that will arm my alarm, lock my doors (a minute later), turn off all the lights, and set my Ecobee to away mode.

should be iFTTT and smart things compatible.

any recommendations would be great


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The FAQ should help. :sunglasses: (This is a clckable link.)

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If you want cheap, try this zigbee button for about $6 (ships from China so takes about 4 weeks).

Requires a community written DH:

Lowes sells a simple button that will work with ST. I bought mine for $10 (on sale). Button has 2 modes, 1: single press and release and press and hold for a few seconds then release. Works great and paired with ST with no special codes required.

I would agree with [deleted]. You would probably want something that automatic.
Robin, please let us know how you set up the notifications. I would like to set my ST up this way as well.

Arguably yes, however after implementing a system that includes security, it’s always nice to have peace of mind that the system is armed. I’ve found that either using the phone or z-wave presence sensors there can be some false alarms so being able to manually disarm the alarm mitigates this. Also, i found mobiles sometimes drop out when at home so it arms the alarm and I need to then change my underwear when the siren goes off.

It’s only a small manual part you can then build a lot of automation off like, turning lights on and off under certain conditions etc. :slight_smile:

I got my mits on the Fibaro Keyfob that handles sequences and button presses which turns on and off automation i have set up.

I have the exact same use case… I want a simple button to put on my enclosed porch to arm SmartThings… for some reason, ST always thinks my Nexus 6p Android phone is home even when I’m out of town… the ST geofencing just isn’t reliable enough to automatically arm/disarm the system.

That Fibaro Keyfob looks nice, but I want something to “mount” to the wall so I can simply hit the button after locking up. I could jerry-rig a Minimote which is what I will probably do b/c I picked up a few onsale for $20.

Has anyone tried the Wallmote? Looks like it would do the job, but it’s a little pricey at $45.

Take a look at the full button FAQ linked to above in post 2, there are a number of different options there.

But for the outside of the house, a lot of people like the looks of the Aeon panic button, which typically sells for about $25 and works well with SmartThings. And it’s officially supported. The only issue I see is that it does look a lot like a doorbell.

Thanks, yeah, I saw that on amzn and I will definitely give it a whirl… will put it in a spot that makes it obvious it’s not a doorbell… just what I don’t need is the UPS guy arming my alarm system on when I’m home. :slight_smile:

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