Wireless Tags

Anyone use any of these with IFTTT and ST?

How reliable are they? I was considering possibly using them as soil sensors for my Rachio with IFTTT, but then I realized I might have a problem then controlling times my sprinkler programs would run on.

These are very popular as they have a much longer range then most devices. Many community members use them. Very well engineered, highly reliable devices. I like them a lot. :sunglasses:

Some use them through IFT TT, but a community member has also created a custom device type that allows them to be used in a cloud to cloud integration without IFTTT. But the IFTTT integration also works well, it just may have somewhat longer lag than the direct.

Thanks as always @JDRoberts. I am surprised these don’t get more notice on these forums. I’d like to stick these moisture sensors all over my lawn and have it control when Rachio waters my lawn. @tonesto7 This could be another possible use case for Rachio/ST integration, people with moisture sensors.

they’re expensive compared to most of the zigbee sensors, so I think most people only look at them if they want more precise accuracy or need the longer-range . Just one of those things. They are very good for some use cases, but there will be better budget choices for others. :sunglasses:

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Plus it requires yet another hub. The range is key for me if I want to stick these all over my yard. I’d like to only water when my lawn actually needs it. I know Rachio does a pretty good job with weather , but those are just estimates and each zone and area of my yard requires different amounts just like everyone else based on slope, soil conditions, shade, etc. Rachio gives you the option of defining them, but it’s a pretty overwhelming to get it right.

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