Wireless Siren

Can anyone recommend a wireless siren that is comparable with Smartthings. We recently moved into a new house and there is no siren, so I would like to add one to incorporate it into my system.

Thank you.

I use the Aeotec Siren Gen5, Z-Wave Plus and the Dome Home Automation DMS01 both work well. You have to use a custom DTH for the Dome to get full functionality.

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“Wireless” can mean different things in a Home Automation context, did you mean battery-operated? Or something else?

Also, what country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

Anyway, there are several sirens on the official “works with smartthings“ list. Assuming you are in the US:

Neo Coolcam and Utilitech are budget brands. Aeotec and Dome each have somewhat more features and are popular.

Fortrezz has a full-size strobe light if that’s important to you. It normally runs off of Mains power but has a battery backup to handle temporary power outages.

So it just depends on what features you’re looking for. :sunglasses:

Zooz recently came out with one as well with some interesting features:



The MultiSiren was also just certified with SmartThings so it will work out of the box for all basic features (you’ll still need a handler to use the smart speaker).

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I have a couple of Neo Coolcam indoor sirens with the red ring, seen here: Neo Cool Cam Siren/Alarm Sensor

Dome is a Ring product technically, correct? Do you not have to have the ring alarm base to use this? I would love to use the door chime option, but I am only using Smartthings Hub for all of this.

Dome and Ring are two completely different companies. In the case of those specific devices, both are using Z wave. And most Z wave devices can work with most Z wave controllers manufactured for the same region.

In this particular case, the Dome siren has been officially certified by both partner companies to work with either the smartthings hub or the ring alarm base unit as the Z wave controller. (It can also work with any of another dozen or so Z wave controllers. :sunglasses:)

But it’s a “works with“ product, not A product manufactured by ring.

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