Wireless Sensor Tags Integration

Funny enough my plan is to use them as a backup. I’ve got a fairly high end hygrometer in my humidor already, but of course it’s not a connected one. I’m wanting something that I have alert me if there’s a big chance. That way I’m prompted to check my analog one. Thanks again for the replies and I’ll post an update when I have one.


@swanny Thanks for the awesome integration! I just got my tag reader and tags and everything is working great! One question I had was around what shows up as the default type. What I mean by this is when I look at “things” in my SmartThings app is shows the tag and the tag temperature. Is there anyway to have it display open close instead? Or motion active? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers!

Since swanny has abandoned the code, I’ve spent some time trying to iron out a few kinks.

WST has fixed the motion inactive callback. The background process that sets it to inactive is no longer necessary. (I’ve set it to 30 minutes as a backup. But this isn’t even necessary.)

The ST app code has at least two bugs. (1) The device update forces a rearm and a door close reset Hence, it will destroy your door closed settings and often cause the smart app to fail to initialize as it takes so long. (2) The polling will always set the tags to motion inactive.

I’ve fixed both of these bugs and made the integration trust the motion inactive callback. I posted a fork to my gitHub. [I have a bit of cleanup to do still, as I’m currently ignoring the timeout interval setting.]


Thanks for the update! Glad to see someone is still working on the code.

Any idea how to modify the “primary function” of the device? What I mean is currently when I look at my device list my WST device displays the temperature. Once I click on the device it expands and shows me all of the options. I want to use a couple of these tags as open/close sensors, so rather than displaying the temperature in my device list I’d rather see open or closed. Makes sense? Lol Cheers!

I’ve had an issue today… I am trying to add a couple more of my existing tags to the Wireless Tags (Connect) app, but the new tags are not showing up in my devices. If I go to the IDE Live Logging, I see them listed, but they still don’t show up as devices on the IDE or in the ST app.

Any ideas?

Edit: I ended up dropping the 3 new tags that I was adding to the original app install, and created a new instance of Wireless Tags (Connect) with just the 3 new ones. Seems to be working now!

Can you tell me where I can find your updated code? Thanks

Hi Richard,

A real shame that there have not been many updates. Think WST have had changes on their side that could be updated at thins end but this is way above my understanding. I am actually trying to move away from them at the moment. Just trying to find a nice suitable (tiny) replacement for my letterbox tag which can pair directly to ST. Going to use WST as a backup system completely separate from ST.

Anyway, here are the latest DH’s, well from what I can find…

Oh and as a FYI you can search GH for accounts etc. Many on here use the same UID.

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Hello @asmuts - i wanted to check in and see what kind of response times you see on the motion events? Would you still recommend going the custom smartapp route for these devices? How many seconds does it take from walking into a sensor to the event posting in smartthings?


Unfortunately, I haven’t been very happy with the WST to ST response times lately. Last week I put in a different motion sensor in my kitchen to cut down on the lag.

The ST motion sensors are battery hogs. I have a few others. I’m now happiest with the big, ugly Ecolinks. They are really fast and the batteries last forever.

The WST come in handy when you need motion detection at a distance. They transmit so far. . . I have one in my garage controlling some LEDs. I couldn’t get a zwave or zigbee signal in there. . …

That is great, thank you. Are you still liking the other tags for leak, temp, etc?

I have about a dozen WSTs. I really like the data they provide. They do work for ST integration, but the motion detection can be a little too laggy. ST in general isn’t exactly snappy. . . . .

I’m using one of the WST sensors to trigger a fan in my server room if the humidity gets too high. I have another controlling the leds in my garage. I just wanted the main kitchen light to be more responsive.

I’ve got three WST’s that I’m using to monitor the temp and humidity in my humidor. I then use WebCoRE to turn on smart switches to regulate the temp and humidity. I also get a daily notification from ST that tells me what the temp and humidity are. Overall I’ve been happy with the tags and have been using them for just over a year.

I just ordered a hub and some tags. Are you using the original code or the recently updated code from above?

I am using the original code with a device handler that I modified. It’s been work flawlessly for over a year. Cheers!

Hi, I started using a pro tag to monitor a wine cellar. It’s been working well with ST but I’m wondering if there is a way to increase the decimal on the temperature value received in ST. Right now it’s only reporting round temperature with no decimal and given the potential level of precision from the tags (stated at least), it’d be great to be able to adjust this. What are your thoughts?

I’m sure it can be adjusted somewhere in the device handler code. Not sure exactly where though. Maybe someone with more coding experience can chime in.

I looked at the device handler code and cannot figure it out. I’m wondering if the value sent by the wirelesstag is just an integer and therefore the decimal cannot be pulled from st.

Would love to hear you guy’s opinion?

I see this thread has been a little dry lately. I have been using the temperature sensors and they work really well for that. And, as others have mentioned in this thread, you can’t beat the distances.

What I can’t seem to get is the battery level of these things. In the Smart Things hub and this code, it doesn’t seem to match what the actual battery level is. I have had a couple of these sensors battery go dead and I didn’t find out about it for a couple days. I use Smart Rules and I would like to set up a rule that monitors the battery level and when it goes below a certain level, I get alerted and I can change the battery.

Anyone else seeing this behavior with the battery level reporting?



I have followed all the setup instructions to the t ,a couple times now. When I try to add the app in the ST interface on my phone it says “something`s wrong we can’t load your screen right now” it has a retry button at the bottom but it just gives me the same error and adds a new nonfunctional instance of the Wireless Tags (connect) to ST. What the heck am I doing wrong? Please help! Thanks

Through the SmartThings IDE, make sure you enable oauth for the SmartApp. Go to the SmartApp then click App Settings then scroll down until you see OAuth. Click it then click Enable OAuth in SmartAppo. If you haven’t done this already, you’ll get the error you are seeing.