Wireless Remote Speakers from a Home Theater Receiver

I am aware of Sonos and other wireless speakers that integrate with ST, but my use case may be a little different. I use a Fire TV stick connected into the Denon receiver to play Spotify which i steam from my cellphone or tablet Using Spotifys internal “play on another device” . Id like to use the Zone 2 capability to turn on a pair of wireless speakers and play the same content. I think I need a wireless transmitter/receiver- does anyone know of one that is ST enabled? Or does the Sonos or some other brand of wireless speakers allow me to send the same content to both the firestick as well as the Sonos or Samsung wireless speaker?

This is kinda of a backward solution, so I will give you the answer I see, and then a better solution IMO.

You cannot use Zone 2 with any digital input source (in my experience unless it has changed, I think t is a HDCP issue). But the good news is you do not need to. If you want to use it this way, you first need something like this to exact the audio only. With the audio extracted you could then connect it to a Sonos Connect which would get the signal into the Sonos ecosystem. Once in Sonos it can be sent to any or all Sonos devices.


However that would be big waste of money IMO, and you wouldn’t be using the Connect amp for anything other than a Sonos input source. Instead use your Firestick for streaming video only. Connect the digital out of the Sonos Connect to the Denon and stream Spotify from Sonos app to Denon via the Connect.

Second run a cable from your TV’s output to the Connects input (you might need a convertor if your TV only outputs fiber, at bottom). On top of stream Spotify to the Denon, and anywhere else you put a Sonos device, you can also take the audio for anything on TV (say a game, Pink Floyd’s the wall on VHS) and stream it anywhere through the Sonos eco system.

Sonos is NOT the cheep solution, but most times the correct solution is not a cheep one. You can do this with other wireless speaker and convertors but Sonos, IMO, is the best long term solution if you want to do it right.


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Thank you! Yes, i figured it was a bit backwards, but you explained how to get the Sonos streaming content into the Denon so i dont have to have another Sonos speaker in the room with the home theater system! That was exactly the answer i was looking for and I thank you. Now to come up with the ‘wife reasoning’ for the Sonos Connect and remote speaker :stuck_out_tongue:

I have installed many Sonos systems in a vast variety of ways, and have not found a situation I cannot solve between there platform of devices. Happy to help on that front, however…

with that your on your own!! :laughing:

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