Wireless on/off button for Lightify flex

For the cube that I use to control the colors of the lights, I used the method described in the following post:

I set it up with one side being ‘off’, then 5 colors on the other sides. I tried to get it to give me a ‘true’ soft white, but the app I used doesn’t seem to play well with anything but dimmer value and hue/saturation. A nice mod would be an enhancement to support color temp alone.

I’ll have to get snapshots of my CoRE routine (never done that yet), then I’ll post that for you. It’s still a little fluky, as the dimmer switch returns the flex lighting to it’s last value. If it was my normal soft white, all is good. If it was previously a color, I press and hold the dimmer switch…my CoRE routine looks for a change in dimmer value, then changes to soft white if it goes from anything to 100%. This is currently working fine, as I set the dimmer values for the cube to be less than 100%. (I’m sure as I get more use to CoRE, I’ll figure a better way to do this.)

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