Wireless on/off button for Lightify flex

I just purchased the lightify flex and the extensions for an under cabinet lighting project. They are due to arrive in a few days. Wanted a wireless button i can install either under the cabinet or on side of cabinet by sink that, when pressed will turn the LEDs on. preferably, when pushed they always turn on white regardless of last color setting before being turned off. Any thoughts?

The OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch has worked very well with the Lightify Flex lights that I use for under-the-counter lighting. I’ve also used a ST contact sensor to create a ‘cube’ that can control the flex lighting colors, then wrote a little routine using CoRE that will change the flex lighting back to soft white when the dimming switch it used.

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I second the osram dimming switch. I use for the exact same purpose. I use the below device Handler & it works perfectly.

Could you share how you made the cube & the piston for resetting color? Just curious as to your method. I know there’s a million ways to skin a cat, I’m just always looking…

This might be of interest:

For the cube that I use to control the colors of the lights, I used the method described in the following post:

I set it up with one side being ‘off’, then 5 colors on the other sides. I tried to get it to give me a ‘true’ soft white, but the app I used doesn’t seem to play well with anything but dimmer value and hue/saturation. A nice mod would be an enhancement to support color temp alone.

I’ll have to get snapshots of my CoRE routine (never done that yet), then I’ll post that for you. It’s still a little fluky, as the dimmer switch returns the flex lighting to it’s last value. If it was my normal soft white, all is good. If it was previously a color, I press and hold the dimmer switch…my CoRE routine looks for a change in dimmer value, then changes to soft white if it goes from anything to 100%. This is currently working fine, as I set the dimmer values for the cube to be less than 100%. (I’m sure as I get more use to CoRE, I’ll figure a better way to do this.)

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(First time sharing a CoRE piston, so hopefully this works).

Pretty impressive. I like the cube idea. What brand of sensor did you take apart to put in the cube?

I used a SmartThings contact sensor…it was actually a very easy item to build and setup. It’s pretty responsive too. If I leave the cube on a ‘color’ side facing up and then turn off the flex light using the wireless switch, all it takes is a bump on the counter that the cube sits on to turn the lights back on to the last color (drives my wife nuts, but so does most of this Smart Home stuff :slight_smile: )

BTW, didn’t have to really take the sensor apart…just stuffed it into the wooden cube with the battery exposed. This way if I need to change the battery in the future, I just unscrew the ‘off’ side of the cube and I can get to the battery easily.

My wife isn’t fond of my smart house stuff either. lol That’s a cool use for the contact sensor. I don’t see a mood cube option in the smartthings labs though. I’d be interested in trying a variation of this.

I think the SmartApp 'Mood Cube can be found in Marketplace -> SmartApps -> Lights and Switches.

The cube is discussed in post 20 in the buttons and remotes FAQ. Including links to the project report for building it.

Thanks for the redirect. I guess I have some reading to do.

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Since you are pretty well versed in all things smart, Can I use any battery operated button/switch to turn lightify flex lights on? Regardless of whether button is z-wave or zigbee? I saw the zigbee iris button for $20 somewhere. I’m not looking to dim via button, I just want button to turn on and off in white only. Colors I’ll do via alexa for now until I make a cube. My wife isn’t fond of my “smartifacatitions” unless they are simple to operate. Any suggestions would be great!

Yes, one of the main advantages of SmartThings is that it is a multiprotocol platform. The button will talk to the hub and then the hub will send the on/off message to the lights. So you can use any button that the hub can recognize. :sunglasses: