Wireless Mini Switch Aqara

Hey everybody,
I have one wirelesss Mini Switch and and can’t make ir work with the Hub M1S.It’s says “device connected”, but when i make one automation, for example, arm the alarm with one click, the Hub says, “normal link confirmed”, and don’t do anything.
What i’m making wrong? I try to reset the device for factory settings, but the blue lights flash quickly but nothing happens…I have the “China Miland” region…
Can someone help me???
Thanks Quinquelhas

is this related to the Samsung products anyhow?

I don’t understood your question!???Samsung devices ???

This forum is for people using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform. So all of the questions and answers are assumed to be by users of those specific products.

It’s a very busy community, so it often comes up near the top in Google searches on home automation questions, but it’s not a general home automation forum.

People using a SmartThings hub wouldn’t usually have an Aqara hub too, so I’m afraid you may not get many answers here.

Why don’t you try the Reddit home automation group? They cover all brands.

There’s also a Reddit aqara group. That might be even better, I’ve just never used that one myself.