Wireless IP Camera Recommendations

Looking for some recommendations for wireless IP cameras to integrate into my ST system. Here are my requirements / preferences:

  • Inexpensive ($50ish per camera ideally, or less)
  • Quality isn’t a HUGE issue, 720p will do just fine for what I need
  • Decent, although doesn’t have to be spectacular night vision (15’ or so)
  • Wider angle of view - prefer over 100 degree view. Wanting to put one under the eaves under our deck to look at two doors that - putting it in the corner to look at one on each side of a 90*
  • Doesn’t need to be waterproof or designed for outdoors as they’ll be under cover and dry/protected.
  • Prefer the unit has the ability to detect motion
  • Prefer a mjpeg stream is possible for using in SmartTiles

I have a DLink DCS-932LB but the field of view is terrible on it. It’ll work OK for very narrow applications.

bump. Also looking for something similar.