Wireless device adapter that ST can talk to?

Is there a device out there that can pick up all wireless devices, i.e. Honeywell door and motion sensors, that ST can communicate with?

I am not talking about a second controller, I am not needing or wanting devices in ST to be on two controllers. I am thinking about a device like a garage door opener or Philip hues Hub, a device that has all wireless devices connected to it and that ST can pick it up and see all the sensors and display them?

I hope this makes sense.

I have only had experiences with making a secondary controller with ST and the devices stop working or devices I have on ST the other controller does not read them properly and when it screws up or can read the sensor properly and stops communicating with the other controller it messing up the communication with ST, I then would have to delete and then re add the sensor. Then do it all again after a period of random time.

Anyone have a solution besides changing out all door contacts to zwave?

Unfortunately, no. It’s like asking if your television can play A radio station. If it doesn’t have the internal antenna to pick up the frequency, then it doesn’t. And there are literally hundreds of different frequencies and protocols in use.

In order to receive messages on a frequency not supported by the smartthings hub, you need to use a bridge device of some kind, One with two radios: one to match the transmitting device and one to match something that smartthings can receive.

But it’s worse than that. It’s not just a matter of being able to receive the frequency: you also have to be able to understand the message. Otherwise it’s like receiving a letter in a language you don’t speak.

And Many security systems intentionally use a proprietary messaging protocol for greater security, so they intentionally don’t want other systems to be able to get their messages.

So you just have to look at each device individually to see what frequencies it uses and then whether you have the ability to decode its messages.

What’s the specific brand and model of the devices that you want to communicate with?

No one has created an arduino that can communicate with the Honeywell wireless contact sensors to pick them up that way?

Somebody may have for some specific devices . Again, we need to know the model number that you are interested in.

And again, there are two separate issues: receiving the message, and decrypting and understanding the message.

Also… It makes a big difference if you have a working panel or if you are just trying to get messages from the individual sensors. ( because the panel can do the decryption.)