Wireless/Battery Camera Options

Hey, I have a full wired dahua security system already, but it does not integrate with ST. I’m in need of a few wireless cameras that run on battery and integrate with ST. Is Arlo my only option?

Blink can integrate with ST, but you’re limited to what’s available on their IFTTT channel.


We have two Arlo cameras at work. They eat batteries. Be prepared to buy rechargeable CR123 batteries and a charger. We just bought power adapters so no more battery issues.

I am not aware of any battery operated cameras other than the Arlo.

Which Arlo camera’s ? pro? pro2?

We have had them for about a year. They say Netgear on the side and look more like the Arlo than the Arlo Pro or the Arlo Pro 2.

There are several.

Blink, as I already mentioned. Canary makes a wire-free camera too, called Flex. Logi Circle and Circle 2. EZVIZ Mini Trooper. Probably others too :slight_smile:

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The cameras that Tom is talking about are the original Arlo Wireless HD cameras that use 4 CR123 batteries. The Pro and Pro 2 models have a single battery which I believe are Lithium Ion batteries made specially for these cameras and are rechargeable.
Word or two of caution. The main difference between the Pro and Pro 2 models is that you can set up Activity Zones in the Pro 2 model, but it must be plugged into an AC outlet to utilize this feature. Right now that feature has been broken by Netgear’s latest firmware updates. Secondly, Arlo recalled their outdoor power adapter and have not come out with a replacement yet. Therefore, there is no authorized way to power it continuously outside. You can use the Arlo solar panels which are awesome, but you will lose the Activity Zone and 3 second look-back features.
If you want to wait for the firmware to be fixed and the replacement outdoor AC power adapter, then get the Pro 2, but if you don’t need these features, get the Pro model and save some money.
It might appear that I am down on Arlo, but mine have worked flawlessly for nearly 3 years. Arlo is going through similar growing pains as Smartthings, so in the near future there will be some pain and frustration, but once they get these items fixed, they are awesome cameras.