Wired Z-wave Repeaters as Alternative to Multiple ST Hubs?

Is there an alternative that avoids the limitations of Multiple ST Hubs?
I have a guest house that may be out of Z-wave range. If so, can I leverage my existing Cat6 (or other) wiring?

In effect, I am looking for a “wired” Z-wave repeater.
Does anyone know if this is an option?

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Probably not, and definitely not out of the box. ( there is a Z wave over IP specification, but at present I don’t believe there are any commercially available products that use it.)

There is a how to article in the community – created wiki on automating an outbuilding that covers most of the current practical options:


Vera has their own wired option, but it doesn’t work with SmartThings, only between two vera hubs.

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Depending on how it is there one setup you can try, if the guest house is within line of sight and within about 300ft-500ft, you can add a Z-Wave repeater switch (a good quality one) to the end of the house closest to the guest house.
Add a weather proof electrical socket to the exterior of the house which is closest to the guest house and similarly add an external electrical socket to the side of the guest house which is closest to the house and then add a Z-Wave repeater switch to each external electrical socket. Many folks have used this technique to extend the range to their gates which are line of sight down a driveway. YMMV