Wiped phone for an update, all my devices are gone

So my phone decided to wipe itself after an update. When I log into the smartthings app, my info is there, but none of my devices are present. Have the Home location selected in my account. Any ideas?

Any chance you have more than 1 Home Location?

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Not that I can see. Only have the default Home, Work, Car, Other.

How many hubs do you have? Login to IDE at https://account.smartthings.com and go to My Locations and check to see how many locations are listed there. If you have one hub, you should really only need one location for that hub.

I believe you are listing your modes above


Only one hub, the account only has Home. The other locations in the app are the default ones I believe.

Alrighty!! Found the issue. Adguard was blocking smartthings for some reason. :roll_eyes:

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