Wink options not in Smart things

I was talking to co-worker who is always bragging about Wink and i will say Wink has a few functions i would love to have. So if any are out there please let me know. For you who need to know i am on V1 still.

1.ability to close garage door when hitting good night mode.(keep in mind i am using muliti-sensor with linear switch
2. I have a ceiling fan smart dimmer switch in my bedroom and i love to have the fan on high when going to bed but then after a while i would like to reduce speed to after period of time or via temp.
3. Ability to hit a wall switch and it will turn on /off other switches. I have found i can only control multiple switches with a single click on my phone.
4. No sure if Wink has this option but would love it.
(I work out in my basement all the time. i have motion sensor to turn on the light and off after no motion but if i am walking on the treadmill or on Recumbent Bike then it does not see it as motion so it turns off the light. I would love to be able to say turn the light on/off say x times and it ignore motion sensor rules. Just like the flood sensor you can get at homedepot. If you turn them off and on 2 times then the light stays per on until you turn it off

if anyone has any suggestion how do any of these please let me know.

Everything you want to do is possible with the right smartapp.
#1 I think a routine can to this
#2 and #4 you would have to write yourself, or pay/ask very nicely for a developer to write for you
#3 the big switch and smart lighting smartapps in the marketplace will do that
#4 if you added a smartsence multi to both of those you could add the accelerometer to a custom smartapp to extend the motion timer.

You may also want to check out smartrules and they may also be able to get more things automated w/o having to write code.

I’m not sure how #2 would work in Wink. I have some Lutron Dimmers that I have installed. I’d like this to control the lights that the dimmers are installed for as well as the lights across the room (which are not on the switch). I haven’t found a way to do this with Wink. IFTTT does not allow Wink switches as an event trigger (IF), and it doesn’t appear that you can pair additional devices to a switch via the API. Any thoughts on how to do that?

“Big Switch” is gone, replaced by Smart Lights, which will do #3.

There is an app I just published for someone else that disables motion off for a case like this, if the lights were already on when motion began. I think if you were to install this app for those lights it would work. If you can’t turn them on before motion trips them on, then you just leave the room after they come on but before they turn off for 15 seconds, and re-enter the room, and they would stay on. Here is that app: