Wink new devices, TAPT switch, Tripper door sensor, Spotter multi sensor, Norm thermostat, Outlink Outlet

Gonna assume, in the absence of specifications or PDF manual of pairing process, that these are Z-Wave.

$60 TAPT

$60 Multi purpose sensor

$40/2 pack window sensor

$100 Ascend garage door device

$80 Norm Some sort of thermostat

$50 Outlink outlet

I heard Ben Kaufman say the outlet used zigbee. If they follow standard zigbee, it should pair right up.

Don’t know about the other devices. He didn’t say.

Zigbee would be awesome.

The switch has me the most interested right now, because it appears to offer an internal dimmer as well as home automation support.

The price is right for the window sensors too.

Just got off a live chat with Quirky and they’re saying that the Tripper Window / Door Sensors are Zigbee devices. Hoping they’ll work with ST. Love the price point.


Looks like the Wink hub uses pretty typical radios (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth), so (Bluetooth aside for now) presumably their connected products should connect easily to the ST hub. Let’s hope the use of standard protocols continues so that I don’t have to worry about being tied to a single ecosystem.

Anyone that is interested in any of these devices or many of devices at quirky use coupon code cyber50 for 50% off at checkout.

Damn with I’d seen that yesterday. 50% off is awesome.

Discount code does not seem to work.

Sorry must have ended yesterday. I found it last night ordered two Tapt switches.

What are your thoughts on the Norm? I know we don’t have many details yet and I don’t think anyone has handled review units. But based on what we know, are there any red flags?

I’m in the market for a thermo and would love a good solution that’s cheaper than Nest/EcoBee.

One thing that Norm seems to be over-promising on is the multi-room sensor setup. It’s cool to know the temperature in multiple rooms (more accurate ‘house average’), but that’s not going to solve room-to-room differences if you don’t have the multi-zone HVAC infrastructure to act on the info. The experience the guy describes in the video of one room being really cold and another really hot is still going to be there.

Also, I’m not too familiar with the Wink ecosystem - could the SmartThings hub stand in for the required Wink HUB (once integrated into ST), or will the Wink HUB always be required?

Has anyone connected the TAPT yet?

@ontl I’d say you’re right. You either need controllable vents, dampers or a multi zone system to take advantage of it. In that case there are cheaper temperature sensors to accomplish this. We’ll have to wait till it’s actually out in the wild to get more info on it.

@greg I ordered 2 they won’t be here for a couple weeks. If they don’t work and I can’t make them work I’ll probably offer one of them up to someone who does have the knowledge to get it to work.

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Just received a pack of two Tripper open/closed sensors. They are indeed zigbee devices, and I was able to pair it with my hub, but haven’t found anyway to get it to actually report status/changes.

It was originally coming up as Unknown; I’ve logged in and set it as an Open/Closed sensor.

I don’t know where to start debugging this other than trying other random device types from the web management tool. Anybody have any luck?


Anyone received a Tapt yet? Or got tripper working?

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I received a shipping notification the other day and tracking for my Tapt’s shortly after receiving and email from them saying that my shipment had been delayed until the 12th of January. There is no tracking on the tracking number yet so I’m guessing it didn’t actually ship.

Just got my Tapt today. I will try to install it tonight and see if it pairs.


Tripper is working.


Can you guys tell if they are ZWave or Zigbee?

@smwein got my tapt today it doesn’t seem to want to pair. Did you have any luck?

@joylove many of their new devices are Zigbee, this appears to be zigbee as well.

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I haven’t had a chance to install it yet.