Wink Locks now working w/ Alexa

I see that Wink announced its locks will integrate with Alexa, is the native ST integration with Alexa supporting status request and locks now? Or do i still need to us the Ask Alexa to get it to work w/ ST?

It’s only supporting locking, not unlocking.

the system can only lock them and confirm that the deadbolts are engaged.

Status will need to be done with a custom skill like Ask Alexa…Native integration has no feedback unfortunately.

Step 1.
Create Virtual Switch (VS) and name it “Pass Phrase”
<2 Minutes

Step 2.
Setup Basic CoRE Piston (Expert Mode)
If VS “Pass Phrase” is On
When True
Lock Front Door
When False
Unlock Front Door


If Front Door is Locked
When True
Turn On VS "PassPhrase"
When False
Turn Off VS “PassPhrase”
<2 Minutes

Alexa, Turn On PassPhrase
Door Locks
Alexa, Turn Off PassPhrase
Door Unlocks

Yeah, Alexa, Lock the Front Door sounds a little more natural but…Alexa still can’t natively unlock a door which is a good thing.

I think Wink spilled the beans before Amazon. They clearly stated: “check the status of a lock (“Alexa, is the back door locked?”).”

That’s a nice set up. But if you ever adventure to install EchoSistant, you don’t need any virtual switches.

Just say. Alexa lock/unlock the front door in my home and you’re done. Or even Alexa ask my Home to lock/unlock my door in 5 minutes…And yes, Alexa is the front door locked in my Home, works too…

Hmmm…well good for them…Maybe the native integration is getting better!

Yeah, i got that same email this morning, that is why I posted this question, and I was wondering about changes to the native integration.

Wait, is there a way to schedule actions w/ Ask Alexa, like run this routine in 20 minutes or at this time? Or is that something else?

Lookie here!

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Doesn’t seem to be working though. She thinks I have multiple Front Door Locks.

That is EchoSistant…Check it out here

So while we were talking about Wink, SmartThings was advertising the same on Twitter. Gone are the days when we were hearing the news on here, first!

@amazonecho & SmartThings are making your home smarter! Now Alexa can check if the door is locked & lock up for you! @KwiksetCorp @yalelocks

yup, found out about the lock stuff on here yesterday via wink and then Lutron stuff on here today via Lutron. SmartThings PR sucks.

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