Wink Hubs and Apps

Steps to configure Wink Hubs

  1. Don’t purchase or accept as a gift
  2. If purchased or accepted as a gift return to the store if possible for refund.
  3. if beyond the period to return, goto step 4
  4. Unplug and box or tape the hub and power supply together.
  5. find the closest trash can or body of water and toss.
  6. look for another solution platform for automation etc.
    You will save yourself countless time and frustration for a company who has a great idea, marketing the concept before development, using funds generated from purchase to develop on the fly. Terrible performance, servers never reliable, no local control or backup, hub is not intelligent standalone and cannot function without server interaction. Constant loss of configuration, devices pairing, scheduling, and worse control as well as device current state.

If this has already been covered I apologize. So over it. Recommendation for alternative platform welcomed.

I recommend SmartThings :wink:

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I offer one modification:

Please find a local environmentally conscious “electronics recycling” program in your area. These keep toxic materials out of the landfill and/or water bodies, and the reclaimed materials may end up in useful devices.