Windows Phone Things Icons Not Updating In Real Time

I am SO ridiculously happy that the WP8 app is live! However, in addition to random crashes that has been pointed out in another thread, I’m having this issue…

The Things Icons don’t update in real time. On my ipad, when I open my door, the icon goes from closed to open immediately. On WP8, it doesn’t update until I back out and click on the Thing again.

Is this a known issue? I’m ok if it is, since it might take time to achieve total parity with other platforms. But I want it reported in case it’s a bug.

Thanks again for making the app for WP8!!!

So I did some more testing. It turns out it does work most of the time. But it stops working after a while, and coincidentally, it crashed and exited eventually. Hopefully this provides more insight.

We are in the middle of a significant platform outage and that is likely the reason you are seeing those issues. Check out for more.