Windows phone GPS location triggers event

I am attempting to come up with a way to turn on an outside light using a GPS location after sunset on a windows phone.

I’ve checked IFTTT and see there are multiple event triggers for IOS and android location, but I am not seeing one for Windows phone.

So first question: Does anyone know how to get a windows phone to trigger something in SmartThings (this example would be a switch but could be anything)? I know some Cortana integration was added, but I don’t think it can trigger an IFTTT recipe.

If I can get the above to work I want to add in 2 more item. I want to only trigger the light switch if I go past 2 GPS locations (in the right order, within a certain time period) and it is after sunset. Pretty much I only want the light to turn on if I’m actually heading home (not just driving by on the main road) and it is after sunset.

If I can figure out how to trigger a GPS location event on the windows phone I think I can make everything else work, but I’m stuck there. anyone else figure out a way to do this?

Get the Life360 app for your Windows phone and use that for location triggers in Smartthings via IFTTT. Works a treat :slight_smile: