Window Sunshade Controller - DD7002B Integration?

Hi @axbeercore, @jzapatac & others
I’m a relative newbie to home automation & have several Dooya blinds I want to control via SmartThings. I’ve explored (unsuccessfully) using Sonoff RF bridge, so considering getting DD7002B Bridge. Are you able to advise if any SmartThings Integration is available
Would i be able to use my local wifi as transport between ST hub & Dooya Bridge? Hoping to avoid needs to use a rs485 interface!
Thanks in advance

A set of Python scripts to control the blinds over WiFi.
‘discover’ will give you the MAC address and token from the hub. (There is no need to edit this file)
‘keygen’ generates the access token from the ‘token’ and the ‘key’ (The key is obtained from the controller phone app.) Edit the script to add the ‘token’ and ‘key’
‘blind’ controls the blinds. Edit to add MAC address, AccessToken and blind names.

You do not need the IP address of the hub, as it responds better using a UDP broadcast.