Window Sunshade Controller - DD7002B Integration?

Hi @axbeercore, @jzapatac & others
I’m a relative newbie to home automation & have several Dooya blinds I want to control via SmartThings. I’ve explored (unsuccessfully) using Sonoff RF bridge, so considering getting DD7002B Bridge. Are you able to advise if any SmartThings Integration is available
Would i be able to use my local wifi as transport between ST hub & Dooya Bridge? Hoping to avoid needs to use a rs485 interface!
Thanks in advance

A Python script to control the Dooya Blinds Hub over WiFi.

You will also need to install the ‘controller’ app from Play Store to get the ‘key’. Enter this key into the app, change the blind names to suit yours.
That’s all that is needed. The app finds the Hub and retrieves the MAC address and token and calculates the AccessToken.

Please feel free to add and improve upon.

Hello I have this DD7002B, but a few weeks ago something went wrong… really dont know what… and suddenly its not working… just the red-blue flashing… and can do the bridge connection, and nothing… i got another, and the SAME problem after pairing it with my wifi… what could be the problem ? we have vodafone home internet…