Window sensors for a bathroom?

(Chris) #1

Hi all, Just wondering if there are any window sensors for use in a bathroom with all the humidity and such. What do you all do? A motion sensor outside?

My goals are to know quickly what windows are open (which a motion sensor won’t help with) and to have a slightly better piece of mind about coming home.

Thanks, Chris


@chrisrose98, I’ve used Ecolink sensors in bathrooms without any issues, as well as one outside at my mailbox (gets hammered by my sprinkler too). I bet the Iris open/close sensor would do good as well.

(Bernie H) #3

I’ve had one of the Quirky Tripper sensors in my mailbox for over a year. It sees all kinds of temp and I’m sure humidity but is chugging right along.

(David) #4

I am using an Iris Open/Close sensor on the outside (obviously) of my shower door to control the lights (ceilings are too low to use Bruce’s idea of a motion sensor in the shower itself).

No problems thus far.

(Chris) #5

Thanks for all the suggestions! Now I have to find a good price.