Window/Door Sensor Temperature Skew

The windows and door sensors I have are sometimes 5± degrees off what the room temp is. front of the house they are 5+ and back of the house are 2+ ish and this is summer. in the winter it will be reversed I think. anyone come up with a webcore piston or script/automation that can put in temp variances automatically based on time of year or anything like that? id really like to know the temp in each room of my house VS the temp of the window.

WebCore wouldn’t be able to adjust the differential unless that setting is exposed via the DTH. For example, my keypad has a differential setting for the temp but I can only adjust that in the settings of the device itself, not from WebCore.

What you could do, if create a simulated device and then set the temp of that device based on the temp of the other devices. For example, you could average the sensors in the front and then subtract 5 in summer and add 2 in winter and then set the temp of a simulated device to that temp.