Window Air Conditioners?

Yes, I ask for a small contribution due to the amount of work & efforts to develop and test the whole ecosystem of DTHs and smartapps that enable targeted heating/cooling in your home.

The ecosystem I’ve developed includes the ecobee, Nest, sinope (zigbee) thermostats (I have created the DTHs which allow me to do some tight coupling with my ecosystem of smartapps for smarter integration), and the Flair devices. It can also support any other thermostat that follows the ST standard capabilities.

The development project started more than 3 years ago now and you can contribute to it for the equivalent of few cups of coffee to get the code at my store.

With my unique & comprehensive zoned heating/cooling solutions, you can do the following in order to maximize your comfort & energy savings:

  • You can use all your ST connected sensors (temp/motion /contact) and assign them in a meaningful manner to your rooms, and then create the zones where you want to do targeted heating/cooling.

  • In each room, you can also assign the room thermostats which control your window/split units or portable heaters/coolers or eTRVs (radiator valves) and any smart vents (if any) to physically isolate your targeted zones.

  • You can then define your schedules based on your own zones and choose which rooms will be heated/cooled during the day (ex. at nights, only the upstairs bedrooms; in the afternoon, only the basement & ground floor)

  • For the window/split units, portable heaters/coolers, and eTRVs, my zoned heating/cooling smartapps can also automatically turn them off or set them to eco mode when they are not part of the active zones in a given schedule.

  • For the active zones, the smartapps are also able to automatically adjust the fan settings of your window/split units/portable heaters/coolers/eTRVs based on the temp differential inside your active zones…

  • The smartapps can create some virtual Zone devices which you can use to easily adjust your temp delta vs. the main thermostat’s setpoints.

  • Of course, the zoned heating/cooling smartapps support my Flair devices, but also the Remotec ZXT-120 IR controller…

  • And many more features… Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:

For any ST connected thermostat (Nest/Honeywell/zwave/zigbee thermostats as a master):

For the ecobee thermostats exclusively (which act as a master thermostat):

I have contributors in North America who use my smartapps with window/split units and also some in Europe who use the smartapps for their eTRVs…

Refer to this thread for testimonials:

P.S. To give you an idea, each smartapp has more than 5K lines of code, so you cannot reproduce this kind of logic in webcore for sure!