Window AC and ST-Harmony Home-Echo


I have an old Fridaire Window AC that I am trying to control through ST-Harmony-Echo.I was able to link it doing the following create activity and control through Harmony Home Cotrol app.I also created a virtual switch in ST and tried to control using a momentary button tile with echo.But the the AC does not turn on using echo,I also changed the power setting for the device to stay on till ‘off’ button is pressed.

I.Added device as Zone 2 (Window AC-IR controlled) and created harmony activity.
2.Creatd ST Momentary Button tile.
3.Authorized ST virtual device from harmony.
4.Discovery Echo found new device.

Also there’s strange thing happening.I have a virtual swtich that puts ‘off’ all the things in the house when i leave so when i activate that one through echo the AC comes on, that proves that the IR control is working.